Bloomberg BAT

Just took the Bloomberg BAT test today. Quick overview of it:

  • started in 2010,
  • 2 hour test with 100 questions covering News Analysis (12 questions), Economics (12 questions), Math Skills (14 questions), Analytical Reasoning (12 questions), Financial Statements Analysis (12 questions), Investment Banking (12 questions), Global Markets (14 questions), and Chart and Graph Analysis (12 questions)
  • suppose to focus on analytical reasoning instead of terminology, know how and learned knowledge

In other words it’s an assessment test given by Bloomberg Institute.

Now I’ve read a few articles and group posts on LinkedIn. Some were of how it’s not worth the time, they got high scores/ percentiles and never got a call and others where they did get call backs from their percentile scores. And in all honesty I took the sample questions from their website and got 2 out of the 3 right, I’m sure it was done that way to inspire and motivate you to take the test.

There’s some perks taking it at the school, didn’t have to pay the $65 bucks to do it online, thought it was strange when you needed a web cam to take it online. Might get my dogs in there, they love the camera.

According to them by taking it you get to:

  • Identify your personal strengths to promote to employers in interviews
  • Gain valuable feedback as relative to a career in finance
  • Get contacted for full-time and internship opportunities
  • Promote yourself to employers worldwide
  • Gain insight into different roles in finance
  • Enhance your CV/Resume

For me:

  • Want to find out strengths and weaknesses
  • Not interested in a career in finance or promoting myself, not just yet anyways
  • Want to know the different aspects of finance
  • Improve my resume, pending the score

Regardless, I don’t think it wasn’t a waste of time. There were two other people from my management class, so at least I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t majoring in finance taking the test. The whole point was to see what it was about. Now waiting the two weeks to see what I scored.