It All Started with the Simple Words

It all started back in November or maybe October even with the simple words when I would see my husband. It wasn’t the Hey Baby or Hey babe. It would be “Hey Yo. Hey What up” and so forth.

It was cute and different at first. I shrugged it off thinking it was no big deal. Maybe he’s going through some stuff.

Later I brought t up in conversation. Why the change in greeting etc? All I got back was a grin and “I don’t know” comment. Mmm okay, something is going on.

My initial thought was because he had someone on the side. Nope that wasn’t it.

Trust me, I checked and have my ways of finding out. I was confident that it wasn’t a side piece that he had.

Finally I had enough and brought it up for a final time.

The only way that I got it across was telling him that I had a previous boyfriend that had changed the way he greeted me and come to find out that he was cheating on me.

That’s the big deal of not saying hey yo when he would see me when I would come home from work.

Why the change all of a sudden from hey babe when he would see me to hey yo. I’m not a friend or buddy that he would see at work or the weekend.

Needless this is just the beginning of what was to come looking back at everything. It’s been an emotional relationship ride since then. Good and bad.


A Little Catch Up

It’ been a while, roughly two years to be exact since the last entry.

A lot has happened. Just to catch up.

  • Got married and hitting up on the two year anniversary.
  • My dad died in the hospice care in my home.
  • Graduated college.
  • Dealing with a rocky marriage.
  • And more recently, gained an 8 year old son.

Needless to say, the past year and a half has been interesting, to say the least.


I use to write quite a bit to collect thoughts, many years ago. It was the point of starting this several years ago. Life got in the way and have managed to get through it.

Recently, things have been a roller coaster ride and not going the way they are suppose to. The next few posts are going to be the catch up of it all. How many? Not sure, but hopefully, it’ll clear my head and hopefully clear some things up.

Personally, just need to get some things off my chest and clear my head. Writing has always done that for me.

So for right now, that’ll be it.

Takeout Astrology and Zodiac Placemats

Duck Pie

All those chopsticks and duck sauce packets you’ve been hoarding for years? They’re all from one mysterious company in White Plains, New York.

Growing up, every restaurant had its paper placemat. Sergio’s and Gino’s had a map of Italy with illustrations of the Tower of Pisa, a Venetian gondola, and the Colosseum. Generically Richmond restaurants had similar map of the Commonwealth of Virginia graced by cardinals and dogwood branches, the state capitol, the House of Burgesses in Williamsburg, and the Blue Ridge mountains. King’s Barbecue in Petersburg had advertisements from local funeral parlors. I remember Acapulco having something similar but Mexican, but my memory grows hazy with age.

Yen Ching had a version of the zodiac printed in bright red and yellow, an ancient and complex system of astrological philosophy reduced to a series of lobster sauce-stained horoscopes. Born in 1986, I was the Tiger – aggressive, courageous, candid, and…

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21 things they never tell you about poor countries

Emergent Economics

Prompted by Bill Gates’s annual letter and the response from the Overseas Development Institute I thought I’d list some of the things that in my experience seem to be less understood about poor countries. (I wanted to list 23 things like Ha-Joon Chang on capitalism but I couldn’t think of another two). I use the word poor on purpose because although the word risks sounding patronising or dismissive, euphemisms like developing and less-developed can be worse. Thoughts are welcome.

1. Poverty is the rule, not the exception.For most people life just isn’t as good as it is for you and I, the comfortable people from a country rich enough to allow us the literacy, time and Internet access to read blogs written by well-meaning left liberals. Poverty-as-rule-not -exception is difficult to bend our minds around because we tend to base our views about the world on direct experience. If…

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