It All Started with the Simple Words

It all started back in November or maybe October even with the simple words when I would see my husband. It wasn’t the Hey Baby or Hey babe. It would be “Hey Yo. Hey What up” and so forth.

It was cute and different at first. I shrugged it off thinking it was no big deal. Maybe he’s going through some stuff.

Later I brought t up in conversation. Why the change in greeting etc? All I got back was a grin and “I don’t know” comment. Mmm okay, something is going on.

My initial thought was because he had someone on the side. Nope that wasn’t it.

Trust me, I checked and have my ways of finding out. I was confident that it wasn’t a side piece that he had.

Finally I had enough and brought it up for a final time.

The only way that I got it across was telling him that I had a previous boyfriend that had changed the way he greeted me and come to find out that he was cheating on me.

That’s the big deal of not saying hey yo when he would see me when I would come home from work.

Why the change all of a sudden from hey babe when he would see me to hey yo. I’m not a friend or buddy that he would see at work or the weekend.

Needless this is just the beginning of what was to come looking back at everything. It’s been an emotional relationship ride since then. Good and bad.


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