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Marketing Mix


Our logo for “On the Fly”

For my marketing class, the group project was to do a marketing mix for a product or service. This was the second class this semester that had a group project. Group projects are not always easy nor are they always fun. Thankfully for the group and I, we had a choice of what we were doing the marketing mix for.

Some of the other teachers that are doing the same project in their class, have chosen a product and the groups have to come up with the marketing mix. Two students that are in my management group are taking a marketing class where they have to do a marketing mix on popcorn and one on candy. They complained on how hard it was, which is what would really happen, but why make it that much difficult to a student. To each teacher there own process. But wouldn’t it be boring to hear presentations on the same subjects? 75 students or so with 4-6 students in a group with 13-16 presentations on the same product would drive me insane if I was the teacher.

My group decided to do a delivery service of personal necessities and food to the time-demanding and busy lifestyles of students, faculty and staff. Where some of other groups were having trouble coming up with their product or service, we were able to get to get an idea right away. (I guess that’s why other teachers gave a product to focus on.)

I had the distribution/place aspect of our

marketing mix.On The Fly Delivery Van

I designed the delivery van, another member did the logo and another came up with the name our company. We all joked around when the presentation came around because we felt like we were showcasing our business on Shark Tank.

As far as with any group project, some of the ideas that were finalized for the paper and presentation were not 100% correct in my eyes. Another member and I had different ideas on some of the choices that were made. Overall, I am happy with the final product as a group and if I ever have another class project, I would definitely bring this if it is able to expand on for a higher level class.

Maybe I could possibly play around with it and use it a mock-up business plan.