Gas Experiment (the start)

Here’s the scenario that’ all too familiar with all of us: You’re driving home and your low gas light comes on and you know that you need to get gas, but in the back of your mind you know how many miles that you can drive without being stranded on the side of the road. It’s about another 50 miles for me.

At the gas station this morning, I prepaid with $10. What’s that these days with gas prices? Well, I’ll tell you what it is. It was 3.136 gallons of gas and it will probably last me about 2-3 days. Usually I fill up and set the odometer, so I know how far I can go, unlike the cars that tell you how many miles you have left before you are on empty.

But then I was thinking, how long does a full tank really last me? I do drive a good distance in one day but without rush hour traffic. 5 days a week, I go to school (5.9 miles), then to work (26.7 miles) and then back home (22.1). A total of  54.7 miles and a drive time of 1 hour and 13 minutes, according to Google Maps and current traffic was a factor in calculating the drive time.

According to The Clean Air Campagne’s website “The average one-way commute distance in Atlanta is 17.5 miles.” This is just the commute to and from work, so I am above average with the commute to work, if that is all that I am doing.

I did come across this interactive website.–how-does-yours-rank According to this site, the average commute was 33.8 mile with a +/- of 1.3 miles, and I am under the average commute just going to work.

So for the experiment, I am going to see how long this 10 bucks of gas is going to last me. It is Friday, so it won’t be a true gauge of the week, but it still will tell me a little something.

Let me know what’s your commute time.


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