A Wise Broke Student Investment

I may be a college student for the moment, but unlike other students that sustain themselves off Ramen noodles, school meals and cheap lunch meat, my kitchen and belly is always full. Call me the Coupon Queen if you want. I’m all about saving some money.

Here’s another saving tip for you folks out there. Throw out that printer you may have gotten with your laptop and get a laser printer. I never thought about how much I would spend on ink until my first semester. At about $22 for black and another $25 for color, that was almost breaking the bank whenever I needed to print things that the teacher would post online for the next class.

A regular printer about $50 for ink and yes the printer itself was cheap, but on average I was having to get new ink about once a month.

The average inkjet will do about 200 or so pages, don’t quote me and the average laser will do about 1500- 2000 pages before running out of ink.

One semester I really needed a new one, I was finally tired of getting new ink and went out and bought a basic black laser printer from Wal-Mart, spent about $130 bucks, thought about getting another toner while I was there, but it came with one and decided to wait.

I bought that back in late June. I was still running with the same original toner that it came with up until last night when nothing would print. I had a refill toner kit that you put into the existing. It was only $14 and decided that it was worth a try. After watching a video on how to put it in, I was printing a report within 10 minutes at the cost of $14 instead of $65 (at the cheapest I found)  and it’s probably going to last me almost another year.

So donate that free/cheap printer you have and get yourself a laser and it’ll save you some major bucks.


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