“The Early Birds” Group Work for Management Class

We were given our members by the professor and we are to coordinate group events where we learn about different companies, coordinate schedules, come up with a group work plan with roles, responsibilities, events with at least least two members going to each, a 10 page paper about the group dynamics with appendix and a five to ten minute presentation.

In general, most people hate group work because there is a slacker and you have to do their work for them. My boss has even said the same thing when I told her about it. The one thing that the Professor has emphasized is that he can’t stand slackers. At the end of it all, there is a peer review within the group. I think as he has said it ,”Now I have heard that other professors/teachers do a peer review, but it doesn’t affect the grade. Well, I am here to tell you that isn’t the way I do things. I can’t sand slackers, and if the rest of your group members say that you slacked, then it can affect your grade.” I have worked with groups before where the teacher says that, and well it didn’t really happen that way, but for this professor, I think that it will.

When we had our initial meet and greet in one of the classes, I had said something to the effect of “Can we all agree that we hate group work, my let’s do our part and make the most of it.” We all laughed and agreed.

There’s five of us in the group and during the beginning of our work plan sessions for about one week one of the members never showed up to class when we were signing up for events. One of the members called him while we were working on it to see what was going on. I thing he was surprised when he got a phone at 8:30 in the morning. But we didn’t know and just wanted to know if he was planning on dropping the class or not.

What has been working for us, is to have some meetings before our early Thursday class.At first, we needed to finish selecting events and agreed on meeting at 7:30 (the class starts at 8 and ends at 9:15), During the meeting we knew that we needed to meet on a regular basis, bi-weekly on Thursday before class at the same time. In the first early morning meet, we got so much done; more than what we all were expecting. So hence the name “The Early Birds”.


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