College plus Work

I’m really in a writing mode today, I’ve updated the About page and this will be my second post for the day.

My management professor told me the other week that he is on a committee of sorts, can’t remember the name of it, to get students more students involved at school. It has been a problem where students essentially just go to class and may do other things that the school does.

The biggest issue that has stuck out is that most students, traditional and non-traditional students work. With working in the management class group, the biggest issue is availability to attend the amount of events that we need. And that goes with the work and class.

Most of those jobs don’t have the flexibility of change for their employees that go to school, shifts start and end at a certain time, classes start and end at certain time, classes take additional hours outside of class, and a person needs to sleep and eat and perhaps take of a family or other important activities.

When I was working in the restaurant industry, this is what happened and this may not be for all companies, the standing rule was you give them your class schedule and they would make your work schedule around it. There was a request off sheet, but that didn’t mean you were to have off on that day. Even sometimes, you wee still scheduled for a shift when you were at class or just had 15 minutes to get to work from school. Then the smart ones, would change their availability so that they can have some study time, then the manager would ask why, you tell them you need study time, then they would say to manage your time more wisely and not take the availability change because they only take the class schedule for your time off. I can’t speak for other types of industries or companies, but I am sure that there are many cases that are the same way.

Work places with flexible schedules, that is a students dream come true and hard to find. One of my past classmates works in retail, and his company has told him to put school before work. His work does call him when they need him and usually he does go when they need him. For me I am able to sign up for my next semester classes at least 6 weeks ahead and I let my boss know to get an idea, I know when the business picks up to coordinate my school and work load. When I first started there, I wasn’t sure how she would be with class schedule and she made it very clear to get the classes that I needed with teachers that I wanted and not to worry about work. Now I know when the busier times start and end, to where I can adjust my school and work needs.

Sometimes it isn’t easy going to college and working, but it takes a tremendous amount of stress away when you can do both with ease. Flexibility and the support of work has a big play of it all. Yes, no matter what time-management is definitely key, but when the mass majority of students don’t have the luxury of a full ride to go to college, traditional or nontraditional, work is another aspect of the daily life that is important in order to go to college.


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