Smart Cleaning

I hate cleaning! Yes I will let the laundry and dishes pile up. I admit that I am not the most clean person. But that’s okay, because I will never be on one of those house-cleaning or hoarder tv shows. But I’m not here to talk about what I should do and don’t do.

Just a simple trick to cleaning smarter and working less.

Okay, so you have one of those pans or baking dishes that you cooked in and well, lets just say that you left it out and there’s stuck crud or not all of it came off the pan after you let it sit in some hot water. No need to endlessly try to scrub it or throw it away. (yeah, I was like that for a time.) Well here’s what you do.

1. Take said pan with stuck crud and put some water in it. I put enough water just to the top of the stuck crud. Place it over the stove like below and turn the heat on. I did have some dish soap in it from the other dishes that I was cleaning, but no worries. Now let it simmer for a little bit.

Stuck Crud

Stuck Crud

2. Once the water is hot, just take a wooden spoon and start scraping some of the areas that aren’t really bad. Now be careful not to get to carried away and make the pan slip and spill all over you (I’ve done that before. Ouch!)

Just after a few minutes.

Just after a few minutes, stuck crud is loosening up.

3. Now for the harder areas, I find that it is easier to take the wooden spoon the center of it, bare down a little bit and spin it. Helps to break it up, but do whatever works for you.

Freshly rinsed.

Freshly rinsed.

There’s a little bit left, but much better.

SAM_0731 (300x225)

4. Wash the sucker and you back to new.

I’ve used this for all sorts of cooking stuff and have salvaged a few old cooking pans that I was going to throw. Whatever you do, please use common sense and don’t blame me when you burn yourself, trust me I’ve done it before.

Also, you can use this technique to clean your microwave. I would do another post with pics, but I have given up it up over a year ago (it’s in the basement on top of the full freezer, just in case though).

But using the same technique all you have to do, it place a bowl of water in the microwave, set it to 3 minutes or so, then wipe it down. You can repeat the process if one pass doesn’t work.

And remember clean smarter not harder!



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