$2.58 Rib Eyes

Think this is a joke. That it can’t be done.

Went to the Farmer’s Market with a friend of mine that I’ve known for years, Stroll through, pick up some stuff then to the meat department. The selection puts any other to shame. On the end aisle, there were some rib eyes on sale at 4.99 a pound, put one package in the cart. Keep on strolling picking other meats up, chicken, chorizo, pork chops, ribs that were were almost $11 (last time we grilled out picked some up at the grocery and we paid about $16 -$18.

So here come the beef area. Haaaa gone and went to beef heaven. Why not just say it, the whole farmers market is heaven.

SAM_0720 (300x225)
My friend friend was afraid to look at the total, spent more that I wanted, but then again it has been 6 weeks or so since going real grocery shopping.

They had those packages of meat, uncut and such. At first I thought they were ribs, like I had gotten before, but they weren’t. They were boneless, uncut rib eyes at 4.19 a pound. Uh, yeah. Ended putting the original package of rib eyes up and got one of the smaller rib eyes at 4.19/lb.

When B gets back from doing a weekend project, I tell him I have something for him. “What is it?” “Close your eyes.” I go get it. He’s got his hands out close together. “Now it’s a man’s wet dream when it comes to meat.” “Oh boy.” I drop the whole thing.  Grocery bags are still around it, so he doesn’t know what it is. B opens it up. “Yeah, you can say that.” He looks at the price tag at it. “Not a bad deal.” “No it’s not, especially since they had cut ones for 4.99 a pound.”

On the island…

SAM_0717 (300x225)
B the Butcher eager and happy at work.

“So how many steaks can you get out of it.”

“Um,” he’s studying. “Maybe about 18 to 20.”

Isn't that beautiful
Isn’t that beautiful

SAM_0719 (225x300)

B the Butcher ends of getting 18 of those bad boys, and the little guy there at the end, that’ll be part of steak and eggs in the morning.

There you have it. The whole slab 46.47 and get 18 steaks for 2.58 each. Who could ask for a better deal.


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