10 Things Missed from Working in Restaurants

10. The cash. It was well, odd getting use to the paycheck. And now direct deposit.

9. The flexible schedule. (needing a day off easy to get someone to cover the shift. Someone always needed cash)

8. Using work as going to the gym. All the walking, a slow shift one could easily walk 2-3 miles a busy shift 4-6 if not more, upper body strength, the most popular dishes were on a big plate that was at least 1.5 lbs and all of the plates were ceramic on top of a large tray and those could easily get up to 25 or more pounds and it’s over and over again.

Let’s say sitting at a desk causes that “computer belly”. As I call it.

7. Working was actually fun. Yes, the stress was there when we weren’t expecting it, but the challenge of the multitasking, keeping up to not “get in the weeds” was what made it fun. Getting to know people, when you get to see people on a weekly or monthly basis, and then you see them outside of the work environment and are able to talk, truly talk to them, it’s just different than any other. I really can’t explain in a list format, perhaps another post on the subject is due.

6. Didn’t have to use the brain to figure things out. Not saying it doesn’t use brain power, but once you know the food and drink knowledge, learning to read body language and personalities everything becomes second nature. It’s even harder over the phone and you are trying to remedy the situation without other visual insights.

5. Dynamics of the restaurant. Not saying that an office can’t be laid back, every office and workplace has a different atmosphere. But in general, the restaurant was a a fun place to be around. Joking around with the bar, tables and staff. It is generally different than anything else, but you can take that and do it over the phone and have the same outcome, being personality and calming a situation in your own way to where it solves the problem.

4. Hearing other people’s stories. In this type of environment you hear it all. And with it you hear the lows, you are glad that you are not in that situation, and the highs where you want to be in that situation. But either way, you know that there is hope for either better yourself and not to get in a certain situation. I just like to hear people’s stories and live through theirs so I know what or what not do to.

3. Socializing with your co-workers after work/time off. It is just different than socializing outside of work than your co-workers in the office. The situation is itself is completely different in many degrees. if you have been in those shoes you understand. Simply, it’s a different beast. (I’ll have to expand on it in another post)

2.Constant contact. For any person, the contact is key to our survival. we wouldn’t be able to live without social interaction.

1. The regulars. Any restaurant wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for there regulars, it drives the business, in a different way than other industries. No business would run without their regulars, whether big or small. At the foundational level the regulars continues a business’s growth.

For that reason, bless all you regulars in any business because if it wasn’t for your simple efforts, no business would succeed. Again thank you!


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