Daycare @ Work

Earlier this week and today, one of the coworkers had her 3 year old boy at the office.

What?! A 3 year old at the office. Yes, folks there are those out there and here’s the reasons its employer approved.

  1. It’s a small office. To give you an idea, we rarely have “outsiders” aka customers/clients come in. Only once did we in a 6 month period and the sales reps that we are the vendors of came in within the last month to go over the new product lines that we carry.
  2. The employer wants her to work there, and all the staff for that matter. Not just saying “I want you to work here,” but deep down meaning it. As a background: the mom is in starting school on the weekends soon and  that’s the only way she can work without spending what she makes on daycare.
  3. Ultimately though, the kid is very well behaved for a 3 year old. When I mean well behaved, I mean it. He was taught right from the start. He’s one of those kids that the parents could go to a dinner, anywhere, and they would get complimented by the staff.

I’m off to work for Day 2 of Daycare @ Work. TGIF!


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