10 Things I Hate… No make it 5 things I Hate

1. Junk Mail.

I’m one of those that scans the junk mail box just to make sure that something in there shouldn’t be. Today, I found that there was an email from financial aid from college in there. Shall I say WHAT?!

And then the ones that you block that keeps coming back like from 4everurs #### or Adriana. I block it and they just keep coming back, stupid robots.

2. You’ve all ready been at home from work for a while, you start to get hungry, look in the fridge nothing freezer nothing pantry nothing,  decide there’s nothing to eat but still don’t go to the store.

3. Have those days where you feel your dogs or whatever pets you have it better than you. Need I say more?

4. Those strange memories that shouldn’t be there because they happened so long ago that pop it from time to time. High school days riding the bus home, thought one guy was cute and admired from far, until the one day I saw him stick his finger up his nose, dig a bugger out and eat it. I’m not kidding! And that changed everything. Then years later, introduced to the bugger-eating guy, but didn’t realize it, through conversation realized who he was… um no. Don’t think so. True story but made it short.

5. Lines and like lines, lists are lines so I’m halfway there and cutting it short. And speaking of lines… Oh that’ll start the next post because I’m done.