The Chef’s Failure and Love Affair

I say that I’m a pretty good cook, mainly coming up with things that I have at hand. B on the other hand knows much more on the technical side and I’m always learning something from him.

But there was just this one thing that was his one and only failure, that I know of.

A few months ago, I got home late one night from work. I walked in and immediately smelled boiled peanuts. I guess someone was craving it since we had been talking about it a few days prior. B was all ready in bed so I grabbed a few in a bowl and went into the bedroom. He’s a light sleeper so I know that he was up before I went into the house.

He saw the peanuts in the bowl and asked what I thought of them. I told him that I hadn’t had any yet. I opened one up, ate it and was I was in for a surprise.

“It needs salt.”

“What? You always tell me that I put too much salt in something, so I didn’t need that much.”

I said. “Oh, no. Boiled peanuts is something that you have to put lots of salt in or it’s tasteless. How much did you put in?”

Don’t remember exactly what amount he said. I laughed and he asked me how much. Shrugging my shoulders, IDK.

The next day we looked it up yeah, definitely more than what he put it.

Regardless, last Sunday I made some and well, he said that if he would ever have an affair it would be with my boiled peanuts.


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