The Chef’s Failure and Love Affair

I say that I’m a pretty good cook, mainly coming up with things that I have at hand. B on the other hand knows much more on the technical side and I’m always learning something from him.

But there was just this one thing that was his one and only failure, that I know of.

A few months ago, I got home late one night from work. I walked in and immediately smelled boiled peanuts. I guess someone was craving it since we had been talking about it a few days prior. B was all ready in bed so I grabbed a few in a bowl and went into the bedroom. He’s a light sleeper so I know that he was up before I went into the house.

He saw the peanuts in the bowl and asked what I thought of them. I told him that I hadn’t had any yet. I opened one up, ate it and was I was in for a surprise.

“It needs salt.”

“What? You always tell me that I put too much salt in something, so I didn’t need that much.”

I said. “Oh, no. Boiled peanuts is something that you have to put lots of salt in or it’s tasteless. How much did you put in?”

Don’t remember exactly what amount he said. I laughed and he asked me how much. Shrugging my shoulders, IDK.

The next day we looked it up yeah, definitely more than what he put it.

Regardless, last Sunday I made some and well, he said that if he would ever have an affair it would be with my boiled peanuts.


Katt’s Ketchup

B and I rarely use ketchup. We don’t keep it in the fridge, but there are times that it’s needed. B does more on potato wedges, there’s

Baby Heinz Ketchup

Baby Heinz Ketchup (Photo credit: Vincent Ma)

ongoing debate on it, I call them potato logs. I don’t use it on my fries like the rest of America.

Last Sunday while B was baking bread, I wanted to make something. Decided on ketchup, it’s actually pretty good, the consistency isn’t the same because I didn’t cook it for two hours on the stove top nor did I make enough to warrant getting out the large crock pot either. Regardless, made some if needed.

As always, used what I had and combined different recipes.

  • 1 (6-ounce can) of tomato paste
  • ¼ cup distilled white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • ½ tablespoon garlic powder
  • ½ tablespoon onion powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • Molasses
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ teaspoon paprika

Now, as I cooked it up, tasted it and added some more garlic and onion powder.

Some of the other recipes said to add allspice to it, didn’t have it so really didn’t worry about it. Another recipe said to put coriander, cloves and cinnamon (last one if I remember correctly). Makes sense to replace those for the allspice. Try something different next time. I put it in a leftover jar and let it cool in the fridge. Pretty spot on and without all that commercial processed extra added no good for you in it.

Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza made by stuff at home

  • 1 box pizza dough from Jiffy found in the pantry
  • 2 sausage links, thinly sliced by yours truly & B added some Italian seasoning after it was sliced
  • 1 small block of extra sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1 onion sliced up (always have some in the fridge)
  • several handful of calamata olives that we both sliced up
  • 3/4 of alfredo sauce left over in the fridge

Make the dough to what Jiffy says. Then add the toppings. This pie is huge and it’s cooking right now. Will come back later with some feedback and pics later.

Deleting from the Internet

screenshot from a opensource search engine (op...

screenshot from a opensource search engine (openwebspider) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have you ever Googled yourself? Big mistake you’re thinking.


Well, no not really, most of the stuff that I found consists of things that I knew were there, blogs, social media etc. I’ve gone to some of those sites where you search for a “long-lost friend or relative.” And have found myself there. One of the big ones even had a street map of where I lived and I saw a photo of my car there. Now do understand, that some stuff is public information, such as  purchases of homes, marriages or deaths.


Do take in mind that there are some sites that are 3rd party searches, where the site lists information collected from the major databases and public records. Others are the actual databases themselves and those are the ones that you have to send actual information to.


Let’s start off with the easier ones, they were done almost immediately (within a few minutes). I will do another posting on the sites that require more time and update them later.


Wasn’t really too bad. The sheet that was emailed to me said to “to find your name and click on it. On the Details page, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Look for the link that says Remove this listing. Click on that link and follow the instructions to remove your listing.”


I just put in my first and last name. It had my parents address and number listed. I clicked on it and there wasn’t a link to “Remove this listing.”


Instead, I had to make my profile with just my first and last name with email account. From there I was able to delete the listing. They sent me and email to verify. Got the email pretty quickly and verified to delete the listing. After a few minutes, I did a search and only my profile that I set up was listed, which of course is nothing because I didn’t enter information into my profile.


So with — easy as making that first cup of coffee in the morning.


Searched my last and full name without state and found that there were 6 of me. I clicked on my current location. Ummm… no I didn’t like it, gave a map and pic of where I live, house and there was even my car. Nope don’t think so. So here’s what you do.


  1. Start another tab and go to
  2. Copy and paste the URL from the other tab onto the “Removing Your Listing from Spokeo “ page. Enter you email address, the verification numbers and you’ll see a message from Spokeo with the subject reading “Spokeo Directory Removal Confirmation #”. Mine showed up in the inbox and not junk, but just check if you don’t see within a few minutes.
  3. So go ahead and open it up, click on the link that it gives you then you’ll go back to the “Removing Your Listing from Spokeo” page but it’ll read. This directory listing has been removed.
  4. Ta-dah Done… except if you are like me and have quite a few of them.


Spokeo = easy An additional note… when I went back and did a search, Spokeo said there were 5 of me found, but when I went to the next tab it said no profiles were found. So don’t be alarmed. It was deleted.


  1. Put your first and last name. I didn’t fill in the city and searched all states. I know there is one of me and only one listing came up.
  2. Since there was just one, click it or narrow it down. Now most of the stuff that you are able to click on will just transfer you to Intellus. There’s on Opt Out button. Click it, you know you want to.
  3. On the next page. Everything that was listed is put into an auto form. For me it was name and address. Under the Removal Reason I did “General Privacy Concerns” Put the code word in and hit “Remove Me.”
  4. Next came up another page. Submission Accepted and allow 1 business day for request to be processed.


Onto the more time consuming ones


This one I’ve seen and heard ads everywhere for this and this takes a little time.


  1. Go to
  2. Put in your information. And click on the right one. It’ll tell you to print the page and send it. Note how it says it’ll take 7-14 days. Well, that’s because it’s from the true database and not from a 3rd party search engine like the easier ones.


(I tried using the webpages links to actually go to the above page, but got tired of having all sorts of lost pages and pages up. I will have to try to find it later.)





Wednesday– all of Atlanta was under a tornado warning. Adairsville got hit pretty bad. I had a meeting at 1 that afternoon. It was okay. Not what I was expecting, not going to lie, a huge waste of time, but that’s another story.

Afterwards, was in the mood for a burger, stopped at Golden Arches. It was dead due to the weather. So sitting there, eating my huge burger and fries. One of the young ladies were grabbing a bite before her shift, when Mom called.

“Cattdee” as she says it. Half of my family can’t say the -th sound. “You okay. I heard tornado up dere. It near you?”

“No, mom. It’s past me.” The young lady eating at the table in front of me looks up and has a big smile on her face.

“Oh, not near you? How far?”

“No, mom. It hit another town but it’s about 20 miles away or so. Just a lot of wind and rain.”

“Okay. Bye.” I hang up the phone.

“It doesn’t matter how old you get, mom will always be mom,” I told the young lady across from me. She laughed, only if she really knew. She really wasn’t a young lady, more like a kid. My thought is if an age still at teen at the end of it as in, nineteen, still a kid.

“My mom was worried about it too.” The young lady across from me said.

* Now it may have seemed like a very short, heartless call from mom, but you have to understand how this works. My mom is one of those women that is 4 foot 10, straight to the point alpha female mom. Sometimes, her words don’t speak, but it’s the tone that you have to understand. And trust that the tone was there.

Don’t worry, I did talk to her later that night, a conversation that lasted much longer than the literally 22 second phone call from earlier.