Listening to the Rain

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, ...

Close you eyes and actually listen. Listen to what is going on and visualize what you see from the sounds.

Right now, laying on the couch, eyes closed, computer on the lap and just free-writing on the keyboard. It’s raining outside. Not too hard anymore but just enough. Ping ping of the rain hitting the inside of the fireplace just right against the metal. The dogs being uneasy with the earlier harder rain. Hear the distant cars going by. Sam’s feet shoveling against the hard wood floors as he is going room to room. The rain is getting a little harder. He comes in. Hearing him sniffing under the front door, as if trying to understand the outside smells, he’s still weary of the storm. He whines and sniffs still breathing in the air. Sake, unaffected by the weather, older, but I can still imagine her younger and doing the same thing. Pings at the metal still get louder… faster than before. Crash rumble Sam rushing away from the door. Scurrying across the floor tail between his legs. Sake looking at him from her chair, head tilted as if he’s asking a question and she is trying to understand. A chuckle as it amuses me. Though I don’t see it but listening I can still see it.


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