Patience is a Virtue and also a use of a good story

This happened a while back, but it’s always a fun story to retell.

I normally don’t go to Old Time Pottery, but when I do I always find something, found a really nice wine rack that I’m going to build into the shelves beside the fireplace, but that’s besides the point, or shall I say something found me. I was excited that I found Rock Star Parking*, always glad when that happens. So I’m sitting there listening to music and eating my taco, I was famished after all the running around and shopping that I did.

I’m not paying attention to people as they walk by, you always have to know your surroundings, but this on lady really struck me as odd. She was beginning to walk past the front of the car and paused for a split second. Then as she was walking past it, she turned around and stopped, making her way a little to my car and saying something. I rolled down the window and she proceeded to tell me that I was parked in a handicap spot. I slightly looked up and no there wasn’t a sign in front of me. I tell her I wasn’t. “Yes… you…. are,” she says in a stern motherly tone.

“mmm, no I’m not. I’m parked right beside one.” She gives me this look. I’m surprised she didn’t start giving me a the finger that your mom gives you when she lectures you. Meanwhile, one of the employees was collecting the buggies. So she begins to get the guy involved. She tells him that I’m parked in the handicap. “She doesn’t look handicap to me.” she says, you know, that kind under your breath but loud enough for other people to hear.By this time, people are either stopping at the commotion.

At this time I get out of the car. The employee looks at the spot, “No she’s not, just beside one.” I guess this lady is getting frustrated even angry because everyone is wrong and she is right. At this time, she starts yelling that I’m parked in the handicap spot. The employee just brushes it off and goes back in  with the row of buggies and so do a few of the people watching the scene. A few people stay around.

So this lady is yelling at how I need to be considerate of the disabled… blah blah blah. To end it all, I actually back the car up a little bit. Maybe there is a possibility that there is a handicap icon in my parking spot and not an actual sign, though I knew that there wasn’t.

“Look this isn’t a handicap, there’s nothing to indicate it.” The lady looks down and is scanning the asphalt like it would magically appear. There was this older guy that just shook his head behind his wife, I know he wasn’t going to say anything, just as he didn’t say anything when he got dragged to Old Time Pottery. I pull the car back into my Rack Star Spot.

Yeah, you think it’s over like I thought. Wrong. She huffs and tells me “Well, you are parked too close to the handicap spot.” So what no one is suppose to park next to the handicap and leave it open. I just go into the stare and she’s going in. She complains to customer service, it’s located right as you walk into the store. I don’t know what she is complaining about, but I stick around the area for the amusement.

“So is this car parked in the handicap or not.” that’s what I heard the employee ask her. I just snickered to myself and walked away.

I don’t get some people, but my job isn’t to get them.

*Rock Star Parking is when you find a parking spot real close to your destination.


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