It All Started with the Simple Words

It all started back in November or maybe October even with the simple words when I would see my husband. It wasn’t the Hey Baby or Hey babe. It would be “Hey Yo. Hey What up” and so forth.

It was cute and different at first. I shrugged it off thinking it was no big deal. Maybe he’s going through some stuff.

Later I brought t up in conversation. Why the change in greeting etc? All I got back was a grin and “I don’t know” comment. Mmm okay, something is going on.

My initial thought was because he had someone on the side. Nope that wasn’t it.

Trust me, I checked and have my ways of finding out. I was confident that it wasn’t a side piece that he had.

Finally I had enough and brought it up for a final time.

The only way that I got it across was telling him that I had a previous boyfriend that had changed the way he greeted me and come to find out that he was cheating on me.

That’s the big deal of not saying hey yo when he would see me when I would come home from work.

Why the change all of a sudden from hey babe when he would see me to hey yo. I’m not a friend or buddy that he would see at work or the weekend.

Needless this is just the beginning of what was to come looking back at everything. It’s been an emotional relationship ride since then. Good and bad.


A Little Catch Up

It’ been a while, roughly two years to be exact since the last entry.

A lot has happened. Just to catch up.

  • Got married and hitting up on the two year anniversary.
  • My dad died in the hospice care in my home.
  • Graduated college.
  • Dealing with a rocky marriage.
  • And more recently, gained an 8 year old son.

Needless to say, the past year and a half has been interesting, to say the least.


I use to write quite a bit to collect thoughts, many years ago. It was the point of starting this several years ago. Life got in the way and have managed to get through it.

Recently, things have been a roller coaster ride and not going the way they are suppose to. The next few posts are going to be the catch up of it all. How many? Not sure, but hopefully, it’ll clear my head and hopefully clear some things up.

Personally, just need to get some things off my chest and clear my head. Writing has always done that for me.

So for right now, that’ll be it.

Marketing Mix


Our logo for “On the Fly”

For my marketing class, the group project was to do a marketing mix for a product or service. This was the second class this semester that had a group project. Group projects are not always easy nor are they always fun. Thankfully for the group and I, we had a choice of what we were doing the marketing mix for.

Some of the other teachers that are doing the same project in their class, have chosen a product and the groups have to come up with the marketing mix. Two students that are in my management group are taking a marketing class where they have to do a marketing mix on popcorn and one on candy. They complained on how hard it was, which is what would really happen, but why make it that much difficult to a student. To each teacher there own process. But wouldn’t it be boring to hear presentations on the same subjects? 75 students or so with 4-6 students in a group with 13-16 presentations on the same product would drive me insane if I was the teacher.

My group decided to do a delivery service of personal necessities and food to the time-demanding and busy lifestyles of students, faculty and staff. Where some of other groups were having trouble coming up with their product or service, we were able to get to get an idea right away. (I guess that’s why other teachers gave a product to focus on.)

I had the distribution/place aspect of our

marketing mix.On The Fly Delivery Van

I designed the delivery van, another member did the logo and another came up with the name our company. We all joked around when the presentation came around because we felt like we were showcasing our business on Shark Tank.

As far as with any group project, some of the ideas that were finalized for the paper and presentation were not 100% correct in my eyes. Another member and I had different ideas on some of the choices that were made. Overall, I am happy with the final product as a group and if I ever have another class project, I would definitely bring this if it is able to expand on for a higher level class.

Maybe I could possibly play around with it and use it a mock-up business plan.

Bloomberg BAT

Just took the Bloomberg BAT test today. Quick overview of it:

  • started in 2010,
  • 2 hour test with 100 questions covering News Analysis (12 questions), Economics (12 questions), Math Skills (14 questions), Analytical Reasoning (12 questions), Financial Statements Analysis (12 questions), Investment Banking (12 questions), Global Markets (14 questions), and Chart and Graph Analysis (12 questions)
  • suppose to focus on analytical reasoning instead of terminology, know how and learned knowledge

In other words it’s an assessment test given by Bloomberg Institute.

Now I’ve read a few articles and group posts on LinkedIn. Some were of how it’s not worth the time, they got high scores/ percentiles and never got a call and others where they did get call backs from their percentile scores. And in all honesty I took the sample questions from their website and got 2 out of the 3 right, I’m sure it was done that way to inspire and motivate you to take the test.

There’s some perks taking it at the school, didn’t have to pay the $65 bucks to do it online, thought it was strange when you needed a web cam to take it online. Might get my dogs in there, they love the camera.

According to them by taking it you get to:

  • Identify your personal strengths to promote to employers in interviews
  • Gain valuable feedback as relative to a career in finance
  • Get contacted for full-time and internship opportunities
  • Promote yourself to employers worldwide
  • Gain insight into different roles in finance
  • Enhance your CV/Resume

For me:

  • Want to find out strengths and weaknesses
  • Not interested in a career in finance or promoting myself, not just yet anyways
  • Want to know the different aspects of finance
  • Improve my resume, pending the score

Regardless, I don’t think it wasn’t a waste of time. There were two other people from my management class, so at least I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t majoring in finance taking the test. The whole point was to see what it was about. Now waiting the two weeks to see what I scored.

Takeout Astrology and Zodiac Placemats

Duck Pie

All those chopsticks and duck sauce packets you’ve been hoarding for years? They’re all from one mysterious company in White Plains, New York.

Growing up, every restaurant had its paper placemat. Sergio’s and Gino’s had a map of Italy with illustrations of the Tower of Pisa, a Venetian gondola, and the Colosseum. Generically Richmond restaurants had similar map of the Commonwealth of Virginia graced by cardinals and dogwood branches, the state capitol, the House of Burgesses in Williamsburg, and the Blue Ridge mountains. King’s Barbecue in Petersburg had advertisements from local funeral parlors. I remember Acapulco having something similar but Mexican, but my memory grows hazy with age.

Yen Ching had a version of the zodiac printed in bright red and yellow, an ancient and complex system of astrological philosophy reduced to a series of lobster sauce-stained horoscopes. Born in 1986, I was the Tiger – aggressive, courageous, candid, and…

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21 things they never tell you about poor countries

Emergent Economics

Prompted by Bill Gates’s annual letter and the response from the Overseas Development Institute I thought I’d list some of the things that in my experience seem to be less understood about poor countries. (I wanted to list 23 things like Ha-Joon Chang on capitalism but I couldn’t think of another two). I use the word poor on purpose because although the word risks sounding patronising or dismissive, euphemisms like developing and less-developed can be worse. Thoughts are welcome.

1. Poverty is the rule, not the exception.For most people life just isn’t as good as it is for you and I, the comfortable people from a country rich enough to allow us the literacy, time and Internet access to read blogs written by well-meaning left liberals. Poverty-as-rule-not -exception is difficult to bend our minds around because we tend to base our views about the world on direct experience. If…

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SoCon 14

I found out about SoCon 14 just a few days ahead of when it was starting. Decided to go and was glad that I went.

The take away:

  • learned a few things that I didn’t have to take a class to do the same thing, who wants to go to class for everything, Boring,
  • networking
  • and that I need a new phone, only because my phone isn’t compatible with the app that they used, so onwards to using that twitter account that was setup but never used.

Breakout Session 1:

Attended Eff Yeah: Content Marketing with Blair Brady. #effyeahcntntmktg

The Dunwoody Police Department were there and they said it best with when they first started it was just about the what you would expect all the blah blah blah stuff, it wasn’t till they started putting off the wall when they got noticed. It was the content they put out that made them get followers. Sometimes it may take a little creativity wink wink eff yeah, to get noticed. You can make a whatever it is informative, but who is going to read the information if you can’t grab someone’s attention.

Breakout Session 2:

How to Build a First Class Social Media Campaign on a Coach Budget

Melissa Kerwin, Social Media Analyst at Marketing Inspirations

This one was a little above where I am at. I will have to delve further into the notes and research more on the stuff, they were more towards businesses, which I’m doing at the moment but there was some good stuff for once I do. For my purposes klout will do fine for a lump-sum of information. There were two examples that she gave, 2 companies wanting social marketing, both on a tight budgets within a short span. The one that didn’t do so hot was the company that was strict on the content (the company wanted specific pictures and wording) and the target market. The second was more flexible but ran a better ad campaign than the first not because they had more money but because they were flexible on what, the content, and were willing to change if some of the ads didn’t work. The take you have to be able to give up one for the other.

Breakout Session 3:

The Power of Personal Branding Through the Use of Social Media

Tara Williams, Social Media Expert at Who Is Tara Williams

I met her after lunch after when we were making our way back and what did it start out with, talking about the weather. Yes, in this day in age, you can still start a conversation talking about the weekend! Then I realized that she was holding this session that I was going to. We did talk about stuff that she did talk about in the session, but it’s always different on a one-on-one basis, more personalized. There was a guy in there and he was the perfect example the whole session. Had all good and legit questions, but as it was put, you are just confused and look lost with being everywhere. Hone in on a few social platforms, get good at it then expand from there. The take away was to not to be all over the place, whether for personal or business, be in a few but be good at them. What’s the point of being everywhere if they aren’t working for you?

Other Breakout Sessions that are on the web that wasn’t able to go to but I think are useful:

Going 2D to 3D: #2Dto3D Jason Dominy

I didn’t attend this but I did watch the youtube video (posted through Socon) and I like John being in “the flesh.”

Yeap, making the “social” social. Making it beneficial personal and professional, the later is what I’m looking for. Content that you would want read yourself, personal and as a business, depending on what it is. Social listening is the most underutilized portion of social aspect. I like what JC Penny did, that was pretty awesome.

Connecting: Be genuine, (Never heard of Uber will have to check it out. You don’t have that anymore.) add value (don’t have the time for his “personal social strategy” but I do like the idea of it. Will have to think about it in the future), and be thankful.

Investing: Encourage, support (making customer support the most important. If you are not using your platform, then you are failing), reward.

Other Blogs about SoCon 14 Look there’s me in the second sphere. I saw him with his set-up and I swear I have played poker with him somewhere.

POSTING WITH A PURPOSE: Using B2B Social To Build Sales Pipeline. has a post of their presentation on their blog and the website is filled with a lot of useful information.

The Refresh app know people before you meet them. Heard this one floating around at SoCon.

Gas Experiment (the start)

Here’s the scenario that’ all too familiar with all of us: You’re driving home and your low gas light comes on and you know that you need to get gas, but in the back of your mind you know how many miles that you can drive without being stranded on the side of the road. It’s about another 50 miles for me.

At the gas station this morning, I prepaid with $10. What’s that these days with gas prices? Well, I’ll tell you what it is. It was 3.136 gallons of gas and it will probably last me about 2-3 days. Usually I fill up and set the odometer, so I know how far I can go, unlike the cars that tell you how many miles you have left before you are on empty.

But then I was thinking, how long does a full tank really last me? I do drive a good distance in one day but without rush hour traffic. 5 days a week, I go to school (5.9 miles), then to work (26.7 miles) and then back home (22.1). A total of  54.7 miles and a drive time of 1 hour and 13 minutes, according to Google Maps and current traffic was a factor in calculating the drive time.

According to The Clean Air Campagne’s website “The average one-way commute distance in Atlanta is 17.5 miles.” This is just the commute to and from work, so I am above average with the commute to work, if that is all that I am doing.

I did come across this interactive website.–how-does-yours-rank According to this site, the average commute was 33.8 mile with a +/- of 1.3 miles, and I am under the average commute just going to work.

So for the experiment, I am going to see how long this 10 bucks of gas is going to last me. It is Friday, so it won’t be a true gauge of the week, but it still will tell me a little something.

Let me know what’s your commute time.